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A TJM winch is the essential risk management tool when venturing to remote locations and upping the stakes of your 4WD adventure. TJM’s range of new generation winches now have even more power for increased line speed and faster recovery.

And there’s a TJM winch that’ll fit most 4WD vehicles.

There are 9,000lb, 9,500lb and 12,000lb sizes,all with new and improved functionality and strength. The larger two models now have tough synthetic rope as standard for easier handling and improved performance. Tested to meet Australian and our own high standards, a TJM winch will provide the right amount of ‘grunt’ in any situation, thanks to the carefully engineered balance of power and speed. For those who enjoy a challenge, owning a TJM winch provides you with the freedom to visit more places. When you’re off the beaten track, stuck and lacking traction, it’s not always as simple as relying on a mate with traction to bale you out. Steep inclines and muddy conditions are problematic and adding a second vehicle to the dilemma doesn’t help anybody. Using a TJM winch, with a wireless remote for added safety, is a much better way to successfully recover your vehicle. Engineered and manufactured by TJM in our 100% owned factory, the TJM winch range is 100% supported by TJM. You’ll get unstuck faster and safer without ever having to rely on a mate.

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    • 10 position clocking on gearbox
    • 4 position clocking on motor
    • 90° clutch handle
    • Anti-corrosive aluminium tie bars
    • Automatic load holding brake
    • CE certified
    • Free spooling
    • FRP sheath protecting all cables
    • High output series wound motor
    • Integrated solenoid control pack
    • IP67 waterproof rated winch remote
    • IP67 winch body
    • Low electric current draw
    • Manual isolation switch included
    • Planetary gear system
    • Power in & power out
    • Sealed motor & gearbox to prevent water & dust ingress
    • UV resistant plastic parts
    • Wireless remote included
    SKU: 947TJMTQ95D.
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