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    • 10 position clocking on gearbox
    • 4 position clocking on motor
    • 90° clutch handle
    • Anti-corrosive aluminium tie bars
    • Automatic load holding brake
    • CE certified
    • Free spooling
    • FRP sheath protecting all cables
    • High output series wound motor
    • Integrated solenoid control pack
    • IP67 waterproof rated winch remote
    • IP67 winch body
    • Low electric current draw
    • Manual isolation switch included
    • Planetary gear system
    • Power in & power out
    • Sealed motor & gearbox to prevent water & dust ingress
    • UV resistant plastic parts
    • Wireless remote included
    SKU: 947TJMTQ95D.
  • Winches

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    SKU: SKU015.
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